You’re Looking For What?!

Yeah, I don’t have the cool rambler-gambler style that some of your other cool bloggers do, so I don’t have the really wacko search terms from the engines. However….


How on earth can the top entry search phrase for my site be gametime? I’ve put gametime into the various engines and seen nothing. It was a stretch to find anything poker-related, for that matter. Lots of jungle-gym equipment, though. And lyrics to a Lil’ Romeo song. And Anna Nicole Smith. Just kidding, but I do hope to see that in a search phrase soon.

where is abdul jalib

I have no idea. I’m not sure why you think I have an idea. Just so you know, I really really don’t know.

abdul’s preflop strategy

Come one, come all and let me expound upon how much I -don’t- -get- Abdul’s preflop strategy. At all.

Import Cuban Cigars

I just made that one up. Seeding myself for future funny search phrases. Hmmm… “Sklansky Stackstown Love Child” “Feeney AQ Anna-Nicole”

I can dream, can’t I?

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