Playing During IGM/Party Bonuses Pt.3

Even limiting my play to Party and Empire, there have been five bonuses in the April and May. I can’t say I’m big fan of the phrase “bonus whore” (except in my weaker moments), but for bonus money definitely helps out us low-limit grinders. This is the third time I’m writing about bonus-clearing, and I’m a bit wary about doing it. Quite frankly, I’m worried about the thousands and thousands of my readers who will take my advice, and subsequently ruin the good games I’m playing in. Hmmm, that might not actually be a problem.

Some more background on bonuses: Empire seems to be edging up the number of required hands for bonus clearing. The latest has been 10 raked hands for each bonus dollar, while Party is still at 7 raked hands. Rake occurs at the rate of $0.50 from every $5 pot (which doesn’t include a pot that is exactly $5 after an aggressor bets at it and isn’t called by anyone). I’m not sure whether it’s necessary to discuss exactly what the effect of bonus money is on games, except to say that I’ve found it tougher to find good, loose games at the $0.50/$1.00 level during bonus time.

My strategy now is to focus on the $1/$2 game, but there’s a new twist. IGM has recently rolled out 9-max (only nine players to a table) games at 1/2, which people seem to be treating radically differently from the traditional 10-max table. I’ve been seening tables with VP$IP averages in the high 30% and once even a 40%+ table during prime time on the weekend.

That means that playing 700 raked hands can take less than 6 hours ( on four tables at once). It also means that you have to be able to tread water at the 1/2 limit, which might not be reasonable for a brand-new player. Put some time in before becoming a dedicated bonus-hound. Hey, there’s a new replacement for bonus whore! But damn, a quick google search shows that it was used one before in a comment on Chris Halverson’s blog. But so-what. My new Dawkins experiment is to spread the use of my not-so-new phrase “bonus-hound” as a new meme. Or should I pick something odd-ball like “bonus-hrounder.” Nah, that’s stupid. I shouldn’t even publish that phrase, or people will use it just ot piss me off. Note to self: delete the bit about “bonus-hrounder.” Just too stupid to publish.

Where was I? Oh yeah, work your bonuses off at 1/2 9-max, since it’s so easy. Wow, an entire blog entry that could have been replaced by a single sentence.

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