2+2 Archives of David Ross

davidross is a 2+2 forum member who has written updates in the 2+2 forums regarding his “experimentation” with going pro as an online player. As he explains in his first post, he works as a contract computer consultant, and his schedule left him a rare break between clients. So in the couple weeks of downtime he forsaw, he decided to experiment with full-time online play. There are at least 18 months of updates on the 2+2 archive server, and it’s really very interesting reading. He’s had some serious downswings and it’s interesting to see what he thinks of his state of mind during those times, and how he rationalized some of the cards he’s playing…

If you’re thinking of going pro, or even just idly wonder what it’s like, his posts are a mandatory read. If you’re not thinking about it, the posts are a good read anyway. Unfortunately I found it very difficult to find all the posts using the 2+2 search function.

So, here’s the link to the index of davidross “Playing online for a living” posts.

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